How to Add Art to the Community Database

Our community database of posters is a foundational source of information. Any user can add posters to the community database for several reasons:

  • To provide encyclepedia-like information about the art to others
  • To add the art to an user collection for digital record-keeping
  • To list the art for sale or trade


  1. Login from the user icon on the top navigation bar
  2. Go to add art
  3. Upload a clear, cleanly cropped image of the poster
  4. Search and attribute all artists involved
    • If you are the artist and already claimed an artist portfolio, select your own artist name
    • Other artists can be searched for
    • If there are no correct results for the artist, use the "add new artist" option
    • For "description", write about the poster itself and not any particular inventory for sale
    • For "screenreader description", try to visually describe the art as if you were describing the art to somebody without sight
    • Fill out the rest of the information to the best of your ability

You will receive a notification when a moderator approves or declines the submission. If approved, you will then be able to add the artwork to your collection.

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