How to edit information about art to the community database

Our community database of posters is a foundational source of information. Any user can edit posters in the community database to provide accurate encyclepedia-like information to others.


  1. Login from the user icon on the top navigation bar
  2. Search for the art you want to edit
  3. Click the edit button (pencil icon)
  4. Change any information or the image to be more accurate
    • If changing the image: Upload a clear, cleanly cropped image of the poster
    • If there are no correct results for the artist, click "add new artist"
    • For "description", write about the poster itself and not any particular inventory for sale
    • For "screenreader description", try to visually describe the art as if you were describing the art to somebody without sight
    • Fill out the rest of the information to the best of your ability

You will receive a notification when a moderator approves or declines the edit. Thank you for keeping $Poster.Party’s information accurate for others to enjoy.

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